Bidding Online for the car Nov 2020

Having been to view the car prior to the auction but not being able to listen to the engine I was pretty sure not a lot could have gone wrong with a mileage of less than 20k miles.

So auction day I decided to bid online. I have bought from an auction before but many years ago but first time online. There was a telephone bidder that I was bidding against who’s max line was obviously lower than mine and so it was sold provisionally to me – an hour later it was confirmed as a sale.

The following day i paid the balance, taxed and insured the car then collected it the day after.

Wow and what a superb drive on the way home …….. hopefully a good buy šŸ¤ž.

A couple of days later I spoke to the previous owner who said it was a reluctant sale only due to retirement. He was moving to a smaller house and had no room to store the car with his other classics.

So seems like a good buy šŸ˜Š