Information on the Monogram paints for MG and Rover cars

The monogram range of paints was launched in 2002 and was extended in 2004. Many of the paints are of a ‘flip’ nature, appearing to be a whole range of colour rather than just one.

More about these colours here ………

NB (19th June 2021). it appears that this website is not currently available – hopefully only temporarily

One of the first cars we went to look at whilst searching for one to buy had the Monogram paint system. I liked it but the wife didn’t – there were other issues as well – so we carried on our search elsewhere.

One of the problems that can be encountered with this paint is damage repair. It’s very difficult to match up the colour especially now years after MG closed down. Often a car would be deemed too expensive to repair as a whole respray is required in a similar standard colour.