Under the car at Austin Garages | MG ZT 260 rear suspension.

I took the opportunity to take a photo under my car whilst it was on the ramps at a recent visit to Austin Garages for a gearbox and diff oil change. This was my third visit to Austins and again really impressed with the detail and overall professional way that Nick goes about his work.

It looks an extremely complicated set up ….. that’s because it is! The yellow bilstein shockers each side, the mk2 upgraded springs, antiroll bar and the anti tramp shocker supporting the tremex limited slip diff. A superb piece of independent suspension engineering.

All the underside of the car has been well waxoyled and I have been topping it up whenever I get the opportunity. A useful tip that Nick at Austins told me was that all the tubular parts / struts under the rear have small holes drilled into them to aid their manufacturing. These holes allow water ingress and hence a potential area to rust from the inside of these parts. He showed me these holes which I will now use to inject more waxoyl into them ……. now on the job list!

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