A collection of classic car and MGB tips

MGB tips mods and maintenance

This “blog” is a collection of over 600 posts and articles about classic cars from around the Internet and other sources. It is also a running update ofjobs, mods and maintenance I have carried out on my 1975 MGB Roadster.

Since I bought my MGB at the end of 2017 I have carried out quite a lot of small jobs under the bonnet and on the body. Also I removed the engine and gearbox to sort out a gear selector problem (that’s why – in hindsight – I think it was a “bargain”. I didn’t realise it at the time that the gearstick was not meant to be so sloppy …….if I had I probably would not have bought the car!!). Whilst the engine was out I also took the opportunity to sort out several oil leaks on the engine (which later turned out to be down to a distorted…

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